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Product Description

Make a request for us to consecrate, cast and activate a spell kit for you or, choose having a spell kit mailed to you so you can activate it.

Spell Casting Title & Description

9-Day Personalized Custom Spell
Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit

Our Spell Castings and Kits are formulated for those desiring authentic magick spells. This kit and spell casting is specifically formulated for your request.

A Personalized Custom Spell Casting allows your spell casters to do specialized work necessary to your case needs. Focusing on serious issues, nuances of the problem and that which may have been difficult to resolve any other way. Receive:

  • 2-Psychic and 1-Spell Caster exclusive to your case.  
  • Custom Spell Castings for 3-full days.
  • Free updates and adjustments during the casting day. Spell Update form sent to you via email upon request.
  • Live Online Chat is available, in accordance with the prices posted, if you need to speak with your spell caster. Advance notice is required due to the commitment of your project.
  • Covers up to 15-requests you want.
  • No discounts of any kind apply. This includes memberships or any other specials.

Cost: $1750.00 per week.

  • Easy Layaway plans available Click here to see more details and make your first payment.

  • Mandatory Credit Card Authorization form for new customers is required prior to scheduling your custom work. Click here to fill out the authorization form.

    *The authorization form only needs to be filled out once and is not required with future orders.

More information about this custom work is available upon inquiry. Please contact or purchase minutes to consult with a psychic to see if you even need a custom spell casting. Serious inquiries only will be accepted.

Details: Some issues require extended professional services. Retaining one of our adept Psychics and Spell Casters may be the extended service you are looking for. Psychic Retainer work involves highly specialized and skilled psychics who focus on a holistic psychic approach to finding results for your problems. They look at all aspects of you and your issues addressing nuances of problems that never seem to be completely solved. That's because you can cast a spell for a problem but leave many associated problems related to it untouched.

Our coven of psychics and spell casters perform trade-secret magick during stringent rituals and incantations based on benevolent (white) magick and esoteric alchemy. We are more like guardian angels sent by God than evil old witches and warlocks. The work we do benefits all involveOnly a psychic can cast spells. How can a spell caster know if your spells are working if they are not a psychic?

Only a professional psychic would be able to know that and be able to 'see' if spells are working or if your situation is turning around and what the outcome is going to be or what problems still need corrected.

We Are There For You Daily

Every day, while on Retainer, we do an evaluationvto see If anything isn't working properly; if not, we make adjustments right away. This is why Retainer is the most efficient way to solve seemingly unsolvable problems - constant attention and adjustment by knowledgeable professionals.

Your case is also evaluated each week by our professional, adept psychics and skilled spell casters. An in-depth analysis and daily monitoring of your case is sent to you via email once weekly for the duration of the project.

While on Retainer, at least one psychic spell caster is on the midnight shift standing guard if anything goes awry or needs adjusted. We are always on call and ready for any emergency.

Personal Effects

We create special formulas and applications specifically for your situation. We go to great lengths to ensure that the highest quality work is accomplished for you utilizing the best ingredients in the world and the most knowledgeable Intuitives, psychics and spell casters on planet earth. Psychic skills and Spell Casting is more of an art than a science which means you are either born a psychic spell caster with gifts for alchemy or you aren't. Metaphysical work involves more than intuition. It is grueling work much like exorcism, but nothing is more satisfying than a client who goes from suffering to becoming very happy and relieved, or someone finding a job or anthropologist's discovering long lost treasures.

Our psychics and spell casters do not need personal things like your hair or any other personal things or effects. We are professionals and tune into you and the circumstances rather than rely on things that are much of the time difficult to get anyway. If you are involving someone else in your spell casting you may have a hard time explaining why you need very personal items from them like pubic hairs and such. Though these types of things have been used in ancient rituals, we have come a long way in learning how to use nothing or even just a name and birthday to tune into the case.

Weekly Progress

Each week our committee meets to evaluate your situation and all angles of your case are scrutinized. Nothing is left to chance. Reports are confidentially filed at our main studio office weekly behind lock and key. Our trade secrets and results of our work are only opened to two people. One is the owner of the company and the other is our high priestess. Checks and balances are done throughout the whole process.


To retain the services of our esteemed psychics and spell casters Retainer is required at an initial minimum of 31 days. This allows for a comprehensive plan to achieve the optimum results that you desire. Some cases may take longer. Further, it gives us time to perform all the tasks to completion so you can enjoy a sense of security knowing that permanence is achieved. In many cases we can complete all work within 31 days, but some cases can take longer or you may decide to have us tackle several issues once the initial task is accomplished.

If we are required to go on location please contact Customer Care for costs and location requirements.

Free Weekly Psychic Readings

Your free weekly evaluation allows you to address any issues, comments, or questions with your lead psychic and spell caster to simply let them know of changes that are occurring and how things are going for you. Your psychic may also want to discuss some things with you and offer advice. This is a good time to update your lead psychic with any new wishes you would like addressed, but you can also email those to anytime during the process.

Live Online Chat is available for this weekly session or if you prefer an email update we will be happy to accomodate you. Four-hour dvance notice is required for Live Chat Psychic Readings due to the commitment to your project. Simply purchase your minutes and contact Customer Care to set an appointment each week.

NOTE: It is always best to write down your questions in advance so you can make the most of your sessions.

Mandatory Credit Card Authorization form is required prior to scheduling your custom work. Click here to fill out the authorization form.

More information about retainer work is available upon inquiry. Please contact Serious inquiries only will be accepted.

Spell Casting Kits include instructions. Spell Casting Service only includes an email update indicating when your spell was cast.

Wish List

When we begin with Retainer you can send us a list of your wishes. Keep priorities in the top 10. Though you can send an unlimited list, if you are only on Retainer for 31-days it is best to keep the list within reason as the more wishes we have to tackle the less we are able to spend time on your top 10 wishes. The recommended list for 31-days should not be over 15 wishes. The list should be sent to us before the work is started or at least the same day we start your work. If you need to send more after that inquire with Customer Care if there is still time. You will have unlimited updates available to you that you can send to keep your psychic aware of what is happening or any changes that have occurred to you or your situation that you feel we should know. Constant updates will help your psychic to make timely adjustments. 

Cost & Keeping Your Personal Psychic on Retainer

• Cost: $1750.00 Per Week. Retainer minimum is 31-Days. Additional days and months must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

• Beginning on Retainer contracts you to the minimum 31-days. 

• Mandatory Credit Card Authorization form is required prior to scheduling Retainer.

• Continue weekly Retainer by purchasing additional weeks. Must purchase within 24 hours before adding additional week. 

• Discounts of any kind do not apply. This includes memberships or any other specials or offers.

• Layaway is available. Payments in advance must be made in full before Retainer commences.

Additional Details & Disclaimer


  Disclaimer: Though our spells have worked for many of our customers worldwide, they may not work for you. Read what others have experienced with spell castings. >>