Bend His or Her Will

Bend His or Her Will

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Make a request for us to consecrate, cast and activate a spell kit for you or, choose having a spell kit mailed to you so you can activate it.

Spell Casting Title & Description

Bend His or Her Will
Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit

Non-Gender Specific Spell Castings and Kits are created for those desiring authentic magick spells. This spell casting and spell kit is consecrated utilizing ancient magickal practices and methods. And, keeping with tradition, we use ages old formulas to customize each spell casting especially for your request.

Do you want to bend his or her will so that judgment will cause this person to understand you want them to do? Do you want to cause someone to fall madly in love with you, do anything you want and basically be under your command? Though this spell can be undone you probably won't want it to be since you could be having too much fun getting your way. Spell castings have worked for others for thousands of years to achieve this goal. Why not try this one for yourself?

Details: You can make one request with this spell casting.

Spell Casting Kits include instructions. Spell Casting Service only includes an email update indicating when your spell was cast.

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  Disclaimer: Though our spells have worked for many of our customers worldwide, they may not work for you. Read what others have experienced with spell castings. >>