Blue Nile Egyptian Musk Elixir For Serenity

Blue Nile Egyptian Musk Elixir For Serenity

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Blue Nile Egyptian Musk Elixir
Well Being Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit

Our Spell Castings and Kits are formulated for those desiring authentic magick spells. This kit and spell casting is specifically formulated for your request.

You can make one request for this item and spell casting.

Blue Nile Egyptian Musk Elixir was created for serenity and is a lovely fragrance reminiscent of the Egyptian Nile plants and flowers. Feel like an Egyptian King or Queen when you wear this subtle elixir. Some say they become undeniably attractive to those whom they come in contact with. Roll this oil on your skin in short strokes and in no more than four places due to the potency.

Sultry Nights Egyptian Musk perfume oil is infused and conscerated by our potions master with old world magick concocted from an ancient potions formula.

Comes in antique style amber glass roll-on oil bottle. Use sparingly. For Men or Women.

1/2 DRAM Roll-On High Quality Perfumed Oil Potion. Labled as shown. Does not say USPsychic on the bottle. Label is: Potions. Only you will know the power you are wearing.

Great Gift To Give or Receive!

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