Complete Authentic Medieval Witchcraft

Complete Authentic Medieval Witchcraft

Product Description

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Spell Casting Title & Description

Walking The Witch Complete WitchCraft Kit®
Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit

Walking The Witch Complete WitchCraft Spell Casting Kit® is based upon medieval witchcraft which dates back to 7000 B.C, with Scottish origins. WitchCraft of that era utilized potent plants, herbs and ancient formulas to achieve desirable, long lasting results.

Walking The Witch Complete WitchCraft Spell Casting Kit® includes all necessary witches ingredients and ritual items based on the 7000 B.C. formulas.Instructions for you to partake in releasing your spells into your atmosphere and keep the momentum going are included. All the items needed to release your spell and conjur some powerful results are ready for your touch. Based on medieval secret witchcraft formulas and recipes.

Activating Your Witchcraft

Walking With The Witch, Witchcraft Spell Activation Kit® has been assembled for the novice witch to easily activate their spells and add their own personal touch to the already cast spells included with each kit.

With each kit you will receive all supplies needed to activate the spell. There will be a hand-crafted Book of Shadows version of our Walking With The Witch Book of Shadows® that you can write notes in to aid you in obtaining your magick wish.

WARNING: Wishes written in Walking With The Witch Book of Shadows® cannot be reversed so write your wishes carefully.

What You Get

The Complete Authentic Medieval Witchcraft Includes:
3-Spells of your choice cast for you using very potent authentic medieval witchcraft.
Alchemist crafted celtic soap.
Boiling botanicals, roots, herbs and seeds.
3-witches candles.
French blue crystal.
Altar Besma
Booklet with easy instructions and info
Charm of the Witch, for protection.
Book-of-Shadows for added power in writing out your wishes and tracking your results.
Blessed black velvet Witches Haversack to keep your spell release items in.
Each kit contatins different items appropriate to your 3-wishes specified at checkout.
3, pure beeswax candles; one for each wish.
All items magickally boxed.

Additional Details & Disclaimer


  Disclaimer: Though our spells have worked for many of our customers worldwide, they may not work for you. Read what others have experienced with spell castings. >>