Create Your Own Spell Momentum Magick Soap

Create Your Own Spell Momentum Magick Soap
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Product Description

Spell Momentum Magick Soap is 2" x 2" and sized just right to put in your purse, car, or pocket. Spell momentum soaps are meant to keep your spell as active as possible. Our Spell Momentum Magick Soaps are infused with magick.

Once you have used up your spell items sent to you to release your spell it is possible to keep your already cast spells going much longer.

If you have purchased Love Spells for example, you can purchase Love Spell Momentum Magick Soaps. If your preference is spell candles though you can purchase our Momentum Tea Light Candles to cover any of the spells you purchased. At checkout you can describe what spell you want the momentum spell soap to work on. Buy two and save on shipping. We want you to keep your spell momentum going and be happy with our products and services.

Packaging may vary slightly from picture.

1 Spell Momentum Magick Soap $9.95
2 Spell Momentum Magick Soaps $14.95

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