Eternal Love, Charmed Perfume Potions Set & Spell Casting

Eternal Love, Charmed Perfume Potions Set & Spell Casting

Product Description

Request us to consecrate, cast and activate a kit for you or, choose having a kit mailed to you so you can activate it.

Spell Casting Title & Description

Complete Set of Elixir Love Potion Perfumes (mini-set)
Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit

Our Spell Castings and Kits are formulated for those desiring authentic magick spells. This kit and spell casting is specifically formulated for your request.

You can make one request for this item and spell casting.

Elixir Love Potion Perfumes® are charged and spell induced.

1) Sultry Nights Egyptian Musk Elixir For Bewitching a Loved One

2) Passionate Rosewood Elixir For Enduring Love

3) Seductive Sandalwood Elixir For Seduction

4) Love Potion Peony Elixir For Drawing Love to You

5) Blue Nile Egyptian Musk Elixir For Serenity

6) Primrose Anointing Oil

Try Magickally Enchanted Sparks of Magick® to go with the Potion Perfumes.

Iridescent Sparks of Magick is perfect to dab a little on your face or hair while preparing to have a sensuous evening out with a loved one. Use sparingly since this is potent stuff. It has been infused with sparks of ancient magick for an added element in luring intense intimacy to you. Includes antique style bottle with real cork stopper and magick purse.

Great Gift To Give or Receive!

Details: Spell Casting Kits include instructions and shipment details. Spell Casting Only Service includes an email update indicating when your spell was completed.

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