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Important Info You Need to Know When Ordering From Us:

  • When purchasing 3 spells to get 2 free, FREE SPELLS should not be added to cart. There is a place to enter your free spells when checking out.
  • When paying with a credit card we DO NOT ship to any address except your credit card billing address. You can specify a different address if you pay by money order.
  • Your credit card statement will show that your purchase was charged by Medieval Masters, 323-395-0447.
  • For your privacy, your package will have the return address of: MMINC, Winston Salem, NC on a plain white package. If you opt to receive a receipt, you will receive a receipt with logo on it. You can opt to not receive a paper receipt when you checkout. You will however, receive a receipt through email which you can keep for your files. You will get an automatic purchase receipt. We cannot stop this.
  • Your package will contain only a plain wrapped 100% safe beeswax spell release candle - what looks like a regular candle (only you will know the power you hold), unless you purchased a voodoo doll, talismans or other items. Spell release candles will come with an instruction card that simply says meditation candle instructions. All is shipped to you as discreetly as possible.
  • Please do not email Customer Care with questions regarding the use and/or effectiveness of the products we sell. Although Customer Care sincerely likes to help you in any way possible, Customer Care cannot advise you regarding these matters because Customer Care is not qualified to do so. For professional instruction, consultation or psychic readings regarding your situation it is highly recommend that you get a consultation with one of our psychics before or after you purchase a spell. Counseling of any kind does not come with your spell purchases.Customer Care is here to set appointments and guide you through website.
  • Spell purchases include: Time to cast your spells, materials used in your spellcasting and 100% safe, spell release candles are sent to you plain wrapped so you can release your spell into your atmosphere. We do the work. Everything is made easy for you to see results as quickly as possible for your individual situation. VIP Members get big discounts. There is a one time Membership sign up fee.
  • Customer Service business hours are: Monday - Friday, 8AM PST - 7PM PST.
  • For setting appointments click here
  • Have questions about purchases? Please click here.
  • If you haven't received your order yet, please note that it takes approximately 5-7 business days after purchase to receive it. If you haven't received your orders after that time click here.
  • If you wish to receive our reply to your email, please set your SPAM filters so they will allow you to receive emails from Thanks!