Gemini - Spellbinding Zodiac Candle

Gemini - Spellbinding Zodiac Candle

Product Description

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Spellbinding Zodiac Candles


100% Beeswax Candles


Your Spellbinding Zodiac Candle releases potent magick into your atmosphere. When you burn your Zodiac candle for your self, specifically for your Zodiac Sign, you could begin to see great things happening.

After you purchase your Spellbinding Zodiac Candle®, your spell will be cast, your Zodiac Candle infused and consecrated with power specifically for each Zodiac Candle. Get one for you and one for your lover.


Summary of What You Will Receive:
  • You will receive one Zodiac Spell Candle per your order.
  • You will also receive one Spell Casting per your order.
  • You get 1-Wish only with this Zodiac Spell Candle.
  • All items will be mailed to you plain wrapped for your privacy. For added security select Gift Wrap at checkout.
  • Easy instructions included on label.

What We Do: Our spell casters cast a spell over your Spellbinding Zodiac Candle® per the zodiac sign, to aid you in receiving your wish. All items with the Spellbinding Zodiac Candle® that you receive will be blessed and consecrated and many of the items you receive will be artisan-crafted at

What You Do: Follow simple instructions incldued with your Zodiac Spell Candle. Burning our artisan-crafted, floating spell candles in our Magick Water® candle holder with Magick Water® can provide even more magick potency. They have been blessed and consecrated to work with our spell candles for the most amount of magick and best results.

Your Spell Casting Information: At time of checkout you can explain your circumstances to better enable the spell casting for your specific needs. Your wish should cover what you need it to accomplish.

Spell Casting: helps those from all walks of life, all size of problems. Spell Casting is a useful tool that aids others in achieving the type of success they desire and deserve. We perform the highest level of authentic spell casting. What you receive enables you to release thes pell potency into your atmosphere.

Disclaimer: Results can vary with each person and their experiences. There is no guarantee that you will receive the same results.