Gilded Tarot (deck and book)

Gilded Tarot (deck and book)

Product Description

Gilded Tarot (deck and book) by Marchetti & Moore

llustrated with a brilliant array of classical imagery from occult and medieval lore, the Gilded Tarot is perfect for creating the atmosphere you desire for your Tarot reading, and comes with an insightful guidebook.

Lovely Deck This is a beautiful deck and easy to read intuitively. I would like the cards to actually be gilded on the edges and the card staock to be a bit more sturdy. The larger size book is always a boon. - Myrna, NH

Beautiful Imagery This deck is one of the best in Tarot. The colorful and vivid imagery helps you to intuitively read the cards accurately and understand the messages they hold. I love the look and feel of this deck and it is the one I use most frequently. - Sheryl B, TX

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