Handmade Magickal Witches Besom

Handmade Magickal Witches Besom
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Real Handmade Witches Besom

Handcrafted Besom (Witches Broom), lovingly made with materials from nature by an authentic witch at our studio. This is made of sage, and broom straw from the witches garden. Handles are crafted from Camelia wood and varnished for protection, threaded and roped through the end for hanging.

And there is one more thing!

While it looks great and is decorative it is magickally infused by one of our alchemists. You can make 3 wishes with our Witches Besom. Make them good wishes because this is a potent besom.


• Instructions.

• Magickally infused for 3 wishes.

• No two besoms alike, allow for variations, each one is unique.

• Approximately 24 " - 32" long.

• Materials: Sage, broomstraw & Camelia wood