Love Crystals and more...

Love Crystals and more...
crystals and gemstones

Since ancient times crystals and gemstones have been used to increase the power of spells. When the pointed end of a crystal or gemstone is used properly it can direct spell energies to the spirits.

Ancient Egyptians used crystals and gemstones as amulets and charms and connective devices to contact God. Egyptians also used them in their secret funeral ceremonies and in their magickal operations or rituals. Symbolic power meanings were assigned to crystals and stones which gave them a value. The meanings associated with them were for love, health, protection in life and the afterlife, fortune and more.

Lovers Dreams Crystal & Spell Casting
Place the double terminated quartz crystal under your pillow at night or on your night stand so your lover has sweet dreams about you.
The Messenger Love Crystal & Spell Casting Lover Becomes More Interested In You
As you hold this crystal in your hands or wear it, keep it in your purse your lover will begin calling you more,
Love Crystal Spell Kit or Casting - Increase Feelings in Lover
Associated with the Heart Chakra this crystal is perfect for opening the heart to love, self-love, balancing the emotions, calm and peacefulness.
Super Moon Super Spell