Loyalty Talisman & Spell Spell Kit or Casting

Loyalty Talisman & Spell Spell Kit or Casting
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Product Description

Our Loyalty Talisman is based upon macrocosm, a principle in Socratic philosophy based upon fundamental principle originally about righteousness (justice) for man. Socrates mentions that this virtue is spoken as a virtue of an individual. The great enigma of alchemy is the mystery between the macrocosm and microcosm world of The Garden of Cyrus. Balance and loyalty to fundamental principles are key to

The macrocosm is the universe as a whole, whose parts are thought of as parts of a human body and mind. The microcosm is an individual human being whose parts are thought of as analogous to the parts of the larger universe. Thus the idea is similar to all ideas that project human traits into Nature, ideas such as that of creative causation, natural teleology, moral progress as a natural law.

Once you make your purchase you will be asked to enter your birthday and name. Based upon that information we will cast the luck spell over your Loyalty Talisman.

1-Spell Casting and a handcrafted Loyalty Talisman made in Europe of fine pewter with a chain and bone resin pentagram. Blessed by an English Monk. This is a highly spiritual piece with incredibly miraculous results.