Magic Moon

Magic Moon
Item# MGMN-2015
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Product Description

Magic Moon - First Full Moon on December 25, in 40 Years. Next one is in 2034.

As you may know, the full moon is very important to spell casting. The power from the full moon that increases tidal forces also increases spell potency.

Magic Moon Spell Castings take place during the most potent time of the Full Moon. You may feel the effects at that time which could enhance yours or another's feelings of passion, desire, intense love for someone or theirs for you. It is also known to be a good time for magnetizing positive energies for many wishes such as jobs, money, career direction and health improvements.

Includes: Magic Moon Spell Casting on December 25 for the level of your choice $19.95 and up.

Spell Casting results can begin as soon as your spell is cast, so be sure to get the Spell Level you need because this is a very special time indeed!