Psychic Reading Details & Information


Payments for Psychic Readings must be made in advance of the Psychic Readings.

We accept PayPal Credit Cards, Visa Credit And Debit Cards, MasterCard Credit And Debit Cards, Discover Credit And Debit Cards, All Prepaid Credit Cards. Your credit card will be charged as soon as you make your purchase for your Live Online Psychic Reading.


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3 Easy Steps to a Psychic Reading:

• Purchase Psychic Reading
• Return To Psychic's Page
• Click Psychic Chat Button

Free Psychic Readings are available anytime during the weekdays; Monday through Friday. Not available on Holidays and Weekends

Live Online Psychic Readings

Discounts, specials or other rates do not apply unless otherwise stated. Holidays and Weekend rates are not eligible for discounts.

Live Psychic Reading Times Available

Monday through Sunday when available.

Email Psychic Reading

In-depth Email Readings are answered first come, first served, in the order received within a 24-48 hour period.

Adding Minutes To Continue a Psychic Reading Session

If you choose to continue your Live Psychic Reading after your time is up tell your reader that you would like to continue. Purchase minutes to continue then resume your session. Otherwise, your session will terminate once your purchased minutes have expired.

Important Information About Appointments

Cancellations & Late Fees

Once a scheduled appointment is made, your chosen Psychic will be ready to take your appointment at that time. Each minute you are late will be deducted from your total minutes scheduled. If you are unable to make your Scheduled Appointment you will forfeit your Psychic Reading unless you contact us no later than 20-minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Cell Phones, iPads, iPhones, and All Wireless Connections

To receive the best Live Online Psychic Reading connection be sure that you have a stable Internet connection and that you have rebooted (restarted) your laptop computer, cell phone or ipad before you connect with us. This should clear the lines but it is also advisable to stay put while having your reading as it should prevent drops or surges in your connection.

For the absolute best connection, we recommend a standard desk top computer or laptop with a hard-wired internet connection. Mobile devices with a wireless internet connection may be unstable at times and not give you the best connection and can cause dropped signals. You are paying for a Psychic to spend time spiritually advising you. You want the best connection for your Psychic Reading.

We cannot be responsible for lost time because of dropped signals and the loss of your online booked time. If you have any doubts about whether your wireless device will work or not, the best advice is to find a hard-wired connection. Once a Psychic Reading session starts with your reader you must finish the session in its entirety. Unused or dropped minutes cannot be used at a later time and will be forfeited.

Terms of Psychic Readings

Limited offers are posted on our web site. They may be removed without notice. Must be 18 years or older to use this service.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Psychic Readers also have the right to refuse to continue any Psychic Reading if a customer's comments or behavior is inappropriate. Psychics will report the incident to management. Future communications may be denied. Reports of this kind by a Psychic Readers will not violate our Privacy Policy.

If you do not connect with your Psychic within the first five minutes of a Live Online Psychic Reading simply tell the Psychic to transfer you to Customer Care. Customer Care will connect you with another Psychic of your choice for the remaining minutes.


Our Psychics do their best to Psychically read with insight and foresight, but we cannot guarantee that our Psychic's predictions will come true. We do ensure that you will have a professional and enjoyable Psychic reading. Your satisfaction is important to us and to make sure you are satisfied we offer this Psychic Reading Guarantee. This guarantee does not include a refund.

We reserve the right to change this Terms of Psychic Reading Guarantee at anytime without notice.

Transcriptions can be downloaded with each Psychic Reading by clicking on the email icon at the top of the chat browser. If you are unable to do this we can email them to you upon request.

Email Readings include evaluation, analysis & written detailed reading. They are not computer generated. Email Readings answered within 48 hrs. except holidays & weekends.