Psychic Readings With Gwendolyn Rose

Psychic Readings With Gwendolyn Rose
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About Psychic Gwendolyn Rose

Clairvoyant, Channeling, Astrology, Tarot Reader and Spell Caster. Caring and Empathic specializing in Restoring Relationships. Spell Casting upon Request.
Her intuitive kind words and insight have helped many. Her accuracy is second to none and though she tells exactly what she sees, she does so with care while offering solutions. No doubt you will find a friend in Gwendolyn and appreciate the warmth she sends out to the universe. In 15 minutes you will receive an amazing amount of information and advice.

Gwendolyn Rose began predicting as a two-year old for her family. Her New England childhood featured family stories of ancestors from Europe dating back to 1591 when the largest witch-hunt in British history took place. Luckily her family escaped and eventually arrived in Salem, Mass., New England where several of her female relatives who happened to be benevolent witches went through much torture for their accurate predictions. Now, in 2012, we can proudly say that Gwendolyn Rose, a stellar psychic, is part of the USPsychics family.


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Featured Testimonials

"Wow! Gwendolyn was amazing, so amazing that what she told me was accurate and did happen, make that several things happened. One is that I am now reunited with the love of my life and yes, Gwen, we are getting married, just like you said. From my heart, thank you!!!" —Sheri S., CT

"The information you gave me was accurate and helped me get that through the divorce. I could not believe you when you said it was for a good reason. It was painful. But then I met Gary and realized what you had told me was from your compassionate heart knowing it was time to be with my soul mate. So true. Thank you so much dear Gwen." —Connie M., CA

My house sold and I got more than expected thanks to your magic approach. You are such a gifted woman. Since I have known you there has not been a time that you were wrong. I am beyond thankful for you."

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