Psychic Readings With Sharon A. Martin

Psychic Readings With Sharon A. Martin
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About Psychic Sharon A. Martin

Clairvoyance, Psychology, Astrology, Dreams and Past Life Relationships are Sharon's strong suits. She knows that they all affect your current relationships with everyone and works diligently to show you how. Sharon is a believer in approaching life from an astrological perspective analyzed with psychology, past life experience and even current dreams. She blends modern insight into past life trauma's or things hidden in order to guide you towards a harmonious existence - and possibly even a surprising one!

One client Sharon had years ago was extremely happy when she discovered that he had hidden a virtual treasure of ancient coins and jewelry hundreds of years ago in a past life. He left a particular marker or symbol for him to remember it in a future life that he was sure he would return to. After several sessions of dream analysis and past life intuition Sharon discovered the marker then led him to the treasure.

Another client named Margarita discovered through Sharon that she kept dating men who were a bit mean towards her. She could not understand why her current male partner was so attractive to her yet he was always mentally abusive and spoke harshly and cheated on her. He told her he loved her but didn't act like it. Through only four sessions Sharon realized that this man had been a tyrant in a past life where she was his slave. That karma had built to a point with Margarita where she was finally ready to understand why she could not feel comfortable with anyone outside of her choices of mean men. But, since then, she has picked herself up and is now in love with a very good man and couldn't be happier.

Confide in Sharon with your deepest thoughts to get the most out of your sessions and she will quickly analyze the reasons your life may be either in turmoil or going smoothly. You will understand who you are, where you are going and where you've been. Based on what she is picking up about you she will be able to see if your current life is affected by your past life or other secrets which could change your life in amazing ways. And, whole lot more!


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“From my first conversation with Sharon, I felt as if I had known her forever. Her warm nature is soothing and allows me to open up with those pains I've held in for too long. She has guided me to receive my dearest love - one whom I was not even expecting. And, I am forever grateful to her." —Mary. R.

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