Psychic Readings With Serena Kelly

Psychic Readings With Serena Kelly

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About Psychic Serena Kelly

Psychic, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant and Empath. Topaz Crow Specializes in Returning Lovers & Repairing Relationships. Spell Casting upon Request.

Serena Kelly is a 5-Star, top tier Wiccan Psychic for She is a triple goddess with impeccable mystical abilities. Serena calls herself, 'Simply a Messenger of God.'

Some of Serena's focused studies have been centered upon a tripartite class system found in ancient Celtic texts dating back to the Bronze Age that include trinities of female fate divinities from Central and Eastern European cultures of trimutive female "spinners of destiny." Serena excelled in this area of study likely due to the generations of feminine intuition, seers, prophets and Psychics througout the family who encouraged and worked with her.

Her Psychic gifts were apparent at age 2 when she told her grandmother about a priest who had hidden papers that were important. The priest had died ten years earlier and left an important cache of scrolls stuffed away in a wall of an old weathered monastery - right where Serena told them to look. When discovered, the book revealed sacred scriptures that dated back to around the time of Jesus. They are now safely stored in a museum in Ireland.

Serena's exceptional abilities to restore relationships, magnetize money, attract personal desires and heartfelt wishes are beyond magickal. Her loving and caring soul is refreshing to those who are searching for a true Psychic Goddess that provides insight, time frames, what and why you are experiencing what you are. Find a true friend in Serena who will go to the ends of the earth to help you achieve your goals.


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Featured Testimonials

“Sweet, sweet, sweet. My goodness, Serena is so adorable, so incredibly gifted and has helped me so much. I thank the heavenly stars above for Serena.” —G. W., Texas

"I'm a Christian and was skeptical about doing this but I have to say that it is one of the best things I have done. Serena is an angel for me now. I look forward to our weekend chats." —Marie C., WV

"I'm not sure if it was because of the spell work Serena did for me or that she is just a conduit to God but for some reason, and I think it is Serena, I am winning at Bingo a lot these days. Either way, I love Serena." —Tonya A., Norfolk, VA

"Please forward this message to Serena... I want to thank you for our reading session. I did what you said and it worked with Bryan. Found a lost item that belonged to my grandma too, you pointed out where to look, sure enough..." —Teresa B., VA

"Very appreciative of Serena for guiding me on my car problems. She was right on about the problem I was having. If she hadn't pointed out that issue I could've had a breakdown. Not fun in the desert." —Dave J., NM

"Won scratch-off twice after getting those numbers you gave me Serena. Now, let's see if I can win the big one coming up." —W.M., Greenville, SC

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