Removing General Bad Karma

Removing General Bad Karma
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Remove Bad Karma
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Our actions and deeds create Karma, which creates an entire cycle of cause and effect. With each reincarnation we experience we may bring forth bad or good karma into our new lives. And, with each step of our lives we can create good or bad karma. Lots of karma to contend with.

When one carries the burden of bad karma from a past life as well as adds to it in this current life everything becomes more difficult. When bad karma is removed, and one is purified the weight lessens a great deal. Life flows easily. Money is no longer a problem. Love is happily balanced with neither partner worrying about loyalty, sincerity of feelings or trust. Choices and decisions become easier (throught enlightened thought) and in general life feels more balanced and is more balanced.

Though we may continue to attract more bad karma in our current life time, if purified of past bad karma and that which is currently in our lives, we are less apt to attract bad karma, but more importantly, we will not be adding to already heavy amounts of bad karma - once all bad karma is cleared away.

Without clearing of bad karma life can continue to become more difficult. Clearing of bad karma can be a welcomed purification ritual for those experiencing difficulty after difficulty.

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