Santeria Spell Casting

Santeria Spell Casting
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Product Description

Make your request a custom spell. You can ask anything you wish. This spell will be cast by a highly developed Priestess, a descendent of Obá Tolá from the Santería lineage La Pimienta. The term Santería is also known as, Way of the Saints.

Once this spell starts there is no turning back. Your wish is our santeriacommand. Our Priestess goes through a transformation to connect to the Orisha. She swells with jerky movements, starts, and shakes, but once the transition is complete our Priestess's (medium) movements become precise and controlled. It is at this point that orisha or lwa speaks to the community through the medium, giving advice, warnings, admonishments, and even lottery predictions.

Santería, also known as Lukumí or Regla de Ocha, is a set of related religious systems that fuse Catholic/Christian beliefs with traditional Yoruba beliefs. In the Yoruba language, Lukumí means "friends" and also applies to descendants of Yorùbá slaves in Cuba, their music and dance, and the cubanized dialect of the Yorùbá language.

santeriaIncludes: 1-spell casting and 1-spell candle blessed and consecrated by a religious entity especially for you. Candle sizes vary per your spell casting level choice. Candle holder not inlcuded in your purchase.