Siren's Secret Potion Love Potion Perfume

Siren's Secret Potion Love Potion Perfume

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Siren's Secret

Siren's Secret Love Potion Perfume® is incredibly super charged and spell induced. It is worn by those who want to lure men to them whether it is one special man or several. The female who wears our Siren's Secret Potion Perfume could be viewed as extremely beautiful and seductive.

The Violet & Silver Filigree Potion Perfume Bottle is carefully handmade in Europe at small family run glassworks factory where manufacturing has more than a 200 year tradition. Once we receive these specially made potion bottles a spell is cast over them and the potion before sending it to you.

The perfume potion bottle is a high quality historical replica of a traditional perfume bottle from centuries ago. Since each is handmade no two are a like with slight variations. The flacon (bottle) is mouth blown then placed into metallic moulds; wiring is handmade and soldered. Metallic parts are made from pewter, then gold plated. Final finish is patina, which adds an effect of old-gold. Height of the potion flacon is 2 1/3". Width of the potion flacon is about 1 1/2".
Instructions included.

Try Magickally Enchanted Sparks of Magick® to go with this Potion Perfume.

Iridescent sparks of magick is perfect to dab a little on your face or hair while preparing to have a sensuous evening out with a loved one. Use sparingly since this is potent stuff. It has been infused with sparks with ancient magick for an added element in luring intense intimacy to you. Includes antique style bottle with real cork stopper and magick purse.

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