The Sorcery of Aladdin's Lamp For Marriage

The Sorcery of Aladdin's Lamp For Marriage
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The Sorcery of Aladdin's Lamp, For Marriage

The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, Arabian Nights, tells about Aladdin who is recruited by a sorcerer and persuades him to retrieve an oil lamp from a magick cave. Fortunately, Aladdin retains a magick ring lent to him by the sorcerer. When he rubs his hands in despair, he inadvertently rubs the ring against the lamp, and a jinni, or "genie" appears. Later, Aladdin's mother tries to clean it and another more powerful genie appears. The genie grants Aladdin's wishes including that of marrying Princess Badroulbadour.

The Aladdin's Lamp charm and spell casting is for those who seem to not be able to get to a point of marriage. With our Aladdin's Lamp Charm and Spell Casting, that could change. Marriage becomes possible and especially important is the possibility of luring the love of your life to you. If you are already married and want to stay married, this will also lure your spouse to you.

Includes: Charm & Spell Casting for Marrying Your Heart's Desire.

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