Luck of Thors Hammer Warrior Leadership, Spell Casting or Kit with Amulet

Luck of Thors Hammer Warrior Leadership, Spell Casting or Kit with Amulet
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Spell Casting Title & Description

Luck of Thor's Hammer
Spell Casting or Spell Casting Kit

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Details: Thor's Hammer spell casting and talisman is meant for the wearer to gain respect and leader in their own right; being seen as someone in control, who has knowledge, insight, confidence and leadership is the purpose of this amulet.

This spell casting features a spell of an ancient Norse tradition related to the Wolf's Cross or Wolfscross from the Foss, Iceland area dating from about 900 A.D. And, can be rewarding!

The Wolf's Cross is thought to be a cross between a representation the Viking god of thunder, Thor's Hammer and an ancient Christian cross. Thor's hammer was also called Mjollnir. As such it was a symbol of the power of a warrior king.

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