Votive Devotion Spellbinding Candles Set

Votive Devotion Spellbinding Candles Set

Product Description

These spell candles are infused with a devotion spell with the intent to receive devotion and commitment from a friend or lover. What are votive candles anyway? The word "Votive" comes from the Latin word "Votivus", from "Votum" meaning "Vow". A vow is a promise usually made for spiritual or religious purposes. As far back as the middle ages candles were lit to symbolize the taking of a vow or to acknowledge devotion. Light your votive candles and make a wish with intent that a loved one becomes devoted to you. For extra power get two.100% pure beeswax candles. No additives. Includes 4 colored votive candle glass holders with candles. 100% Cotton Wick.

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