Witches Broom & Remove Negativity, Spell Casting & Besom

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Walking With The Witch®
Authentic Witches Besom (Broom)

Remove Negative Energies Spell Casting & Witches Broom

This Witches Besom is intended to remove negative energies from your residence. One spell will be cast over the Witches Besom for removing any negative energies that could have been sent to you. All you have to do is put it in your home as a decoration and follow the easy directions. It could 'sweep' away any negativities that try to enter your residence. The spell casting will do the rest. Only you will know the power it holds for you.

Handcrafted besom, lovingly made with materials from Nature by an authentic witch at our studio. This is made of sage, and broom straw from the witches garden. Handles are crafted from Camelia wood and varnished for protection, threaded and roped through the end for hanging. Please allow for variations, each one is unique. Approximately 24 " - 32" long.

Spell casting per your wish instructions and an authentic Witches Besom.